Our Primary Values

We strive to create inspiring and memorable spaces through innovative design and specialized knowledge. This unites us around a simple premise: to serve each Client with superior design that achieves their goals with an inspired team of design professionals dedicated to working together as stewards of the land and creating a profitable business rooted in ethical practices, professional excellence and industry leadership.

Seven primary values guide every action we take:

Client satisfaction. We recognize the privilege we enjoy by providing design services to our Clients and the trust they place in us to ensure outstanding results for their project.

People as our greatest asset. Our entire team remains at the very heart of our capabilities and successes. With a strong commitment to a healthy corporate culture and balanced lifestyle, we define ourselves both professionally and personally by the quality, depth and breadth of our daily efforts.

Ethical accountability. We are committed to the Code of Professional Ethics set forth by the American Society of Landscape Architects (ASLA) to ensure integrity, transparency, and principled performance. We adhere to statutes of the State of Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation Board of Landscape Architecture.

Enduring, innovative solutions. With five decades of experience, we are passionate about providing design excellence through a careful balance of the arts and sciences with stunning results. Our communication skills clearly convey unified ideas that build consensus.

Sustainable placemaking. Our resolve to design sustainably includes a thorough understanding of Client needs, the environments we modify, the permitting agencies involved and the materials we specify. We continue to strengthen our leadership in sustainability with LEED Certification.

Collaborative spirit. We endeavor to exchange ideas openly within a team-oriented work ethos. We seek to draw upon the collective wisdom of our teams and the unique perspectives of their members.

Intellectual pursuits. We provide and encourage a multitude of venues whereby team members are able to increase their professional knowledge at all stages of their career development.