The Benoist Centennial Plaza

Community Outreach

PHIL GRAHAM LANDSCAPE ARCHITECTURE is honored to have had the opportunity to provide complimentary professional services to numerous local organizations in its 50-year history with the purpose of advancing our community's enrichment of outdoor environments that elevate the experience for all.

The firm is currently providing lead design services on behalf of the Flight 2014, Inc. organization to construct an outdoor plaza memorializing the world's first scheduled commercial airline that departed from downtown St. Petersburg and arrived minutes later in Tampa on January 1st in 1914.

Flight 2014, Inc., through the support of donors, will have an artist construct a full-size replica of the airboat that will become the center piece of the plaza. Display of historical photographs and original newspaper reports will help bring the story of the Benoist Flight to life.

The Benoist Centennial Plaza is scheduled to open along with the new St. Pete Pier in March of 2020. Phil Graham Landscape Architecture is honored to be participating in the realization of a tribute to one of St. Petersburg's most significant historical events that garnered world-wide publicity in January of 1914.